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darkfolkfetish [Nov. 10th, 2005|04:07 pm]
Enter My Comalies
[mood |bitchyNICE PAGE]

The small Folk and Fetish Community was almost created without success in google groups a year ago. Now it appears again with more illusion and more possibilities. This community is directed to those people who understand the life in a special way full of nostalgia and certain eagerness of collecting,sharing interests, friendship, affinity to Dark Folk, ambient, ritual music, etc. and everything that makes us feeling special like the culture, the taste by history, personal "fetiches" (collecting objects and warlike or historical documents, music, BDSM, erothic photography, military clothes, etc.)This Web tries to join two types of different fetishes as is the one related to the Folk and the one related to erotism. What's greater than enjoying listening to good music, a glass of wine, a good companion and an intimate atmosphere?

Enter and enjoy this page...

Health, honour and cult to Fetish!